Grupo Hastinik currently maintains a complete infrastructure made up of warehouses, lifting equipment and machines for secondary operations. In this section you can see, in detail, images of the interior and exterior of our warehouses, our stocked products and the automated warehouse.

Robotic warehouse

GRUPO HASTINIK, at their headquarters in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona), has three automated, computer controlled warehouses operated robotically, which store and controll all INOX IBERICA’S items as well as fittings for HASTINIK and TUBASOL. This accounts for the distribution of approximately 18.000 different items, around 60% of all the group’s goods.

The three automated systems include one for small boxes (Mini-Load) and two for pallets with their respective high speed trans-elevators, allowing reduced picking time, fewer errors and the best efficiency.


Made up of two 9,2 metres high shelves, 74 metres long with 31 levels for storage of plastic boxes (containers) of various sizes. It has a capacity of 8.582 containers.

Trans-Elevator for Pallets

The first automated warehouse  for pallets has two shelves 15,2 metres high, 74 metres long with 11 levels for storage and a capacity of 1.688 pallets.

The second automated warehouse for pallets is similar in dimensions to the first, but with 16 levels for storage and a capacity of 2.208 pallets.


Shelving for Pallets

IIn addition to the automated warehouses there is a conventional shelving system with various storage levels holding the fastest selling items as well as large bulky products, with a capacity of 3.200 pallets.

The first 3 levels are used for picking and the others for storing multiple references.

Warehouse organization is controlled by specific specially developed software, able to determine where each item should be stored based on FIFO (first in first out).

Customers’ orders are entered by the respective salesperson in the company computer system (SAP), automatically generating the documents required for the preparation of goods. The system generates a series of files that permit the automated warehouses’ specific software execute the necessary preparatory orders which provide the items required, for packing and labelling accordingly.

Neither salespeople, nor warehouse personnel, need to worry about where to place goods; that is the robots’ job.

These automated warehouses, complemented by an efficient delivery service, have significantly improved the group’s efficiency countrywide.