Tubasol S.A., part of GRUPO HASTINIK, is a stockholder and distributor of carbon steel pipes and fittings for diverse industry sectors; tubing, motor industry, elevators, textile, hydraulic, bicycles, motorcycles, rolls and costruction.

Tubasol’s headquarters is located in Sta Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona) with all other branches (see : “branches”) connected by our real time computer system in order to give our customers efficient service. Tubasol’s quality control program has been certified as UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2015 approved.

Tubasol is backed by first class manufacturers, allowing us to supply top quality products.

Tubasol maintains a complete range in stock, providing efficient service and fast response to our customers’ needs.

Well planned company management has resulted in continuous growth over the years since the company was established thanks to our customers that remain loyal due to our first class service and consistent product quality.

Tubasol, S.A. forms part of a group of companies together with Inox Ibérica S.A., Hastinik S.A. and Aerotécnica S.A., comprising a total of 210 employees spread over 13 warehouses.